Explaining: The PCDJ Lineal Title

Morgan Mack is the inaugural PCDJ Champion. He won the title by defeating Jordey in the final of the 2018 PCDJ World Championship.

The Champ has 3 months to defend his title. The challenger will be selected by a public vote.

There are many exciting potential match ups for this first defence. Hissy is one of the early favourites. NappeR could be another interesting match up. Hissy and Napper recently dropped out of the Tag Comp, so they don't have that distraction. Maybe it will be a rematch of the final with Jordey? Or maybe his Tag Comp partner, Paul McK?


  1. Beat limit = 128

  2. No excessive tempos

  3. Champion decides who starts

  4. Zero Tolerance for missing deadlines

  5. No immediate rematches

  6. 14 days for each DJ

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