Future Competitions

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

The focus of the site will shift to the lineal title after the current competition has ended. The traditional round robin competition format is highly time-consuming and is prone to pull outs and missed deadlines. So, instead of running a comp that takes months to reach the final, a match with the same stakes could be organised once a month.

This will hopefully lead to some incredible tunes as the top PCDJs regularly battle to prove who's the best.

Alongside the ongoing defence of the lineal championship, there will be an annual knockout comp held over the summer months.

Also, throughout all of next year there will be a series of Team Vs Team comps. The first one will be MixMysters Vs Helfy Rapid. These comps will be 5v5 head-to-head match ups. Five DJs from each team.

There will be other competitions throughout 2019.

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